What is music publishing?

Music publishing refers to the activities involved in administering the intellectual property of music and lyrics. When a song is created, it is automatically given a group of rights - each linked to different ways in which the song can be used and be paid for it's use.
The most commonly known rights are:
  1. Performing Rights
  2. Mechanical Rights
  3. Sync (Synchronization) Rights
  4. Print Rights
Music Publishing companies are responsible for registering a song's rights for its use on behalf of a songwriter. Collection Societies are responsible for collecting payments for the song's rights on behalf of the songwriter. Songwriters and composers are then paid by music publishers or directly by collection societies for the use of their songs in different territories (countries).
Register your songs today with a music publisher or collection society to start getting paid for your published music. See below for a list of performing rights organizations in key territories to get started!


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